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Carbon Fibre in Automotive and Motorsport Industries

Carbon fibre is commonly used across the motorsport and automotive industry. When properly engineered and created using the latest technologies, carbon fibre can outperform traditional materials. This is especially important in high-end sports cars, luxury sports cars and across the motorsport industry. Carbon Fibre provides a high strength-to-weight ratio to increase the performance of vehicles.

We have extensive experience across our team from within motorsport and the automotive industry. This includes experience from early F1 days to luxury, high-end sports cars. Our aim is to work with you and provide a complete all in one solution for your carbon fibre automotive project.

Fusion Composites

GRP Custom Moulds and Products, as well as traditional hand pattern making alongside CAD and CNC patterns.

We are not only experts in creating carbon fibre components. Our sister company Fusion Composites has over 100 years combined experience and specialises in custom-built GRP, RTM, RTML and vacuum infusions. These processes provide high quality, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) products to a host of diverse sectors.


Being able to provide both carbon fibre and GRP products ensures that we can offer our clients maximum value for money and the correct process for your next project requirements.

Highly experienced in Carbon Fibre projects for automotive sectors

Is carbon fibre right for your next project? Need help with a current project?


Speak to our expert team who can provide advice and guidance every step of the way. We specialise in all aspects from design, production and delivery of your project. Our main aim is to work with our clients to produce a high-quality product carbon fibre project on time and on budget.

Carbon Fibre Composites Engineering

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